So then, as we have opportunity, let us do good to everyone...


Our Mission

As more mom and pop businesses spring up in urban, mixed-use San Antonio neighborhoods, both businesses and residents must learn how to operate and live in unity. Our goal is to foster community and build relationships between residents and businesses through annual fundraisers, community events and sponsorship. Our neighbors are gracious as they go through growing pains of new businesses moving in to their once quiet neighborhoods. They deal with increased property taxes, limited parking, noise pollution, graffiti, litter in their yards; and as business owners, we need to take responsibility and carry a portion of that burden alongside our neighbors. We are all one and need to contribute back into the neighborhoods that we operate in. Funds raised will provide education, financial relief and physical assistance to neighbors in need; especially the Elderly, Widowed, Disabled, and Fatherless; with workshops, fixing fences, painting houses, landscaping, trash pickup...a helping hand. We will not only be good stewards to what has been given to us but to the neighbors that surround us. We all have to be socially responsible as businesses and through our efforts, we can show our neighbors and surrounding communities that we are invested in them!

And you yourself must be an example to them by doing good works of every kind. Let everything you do reflect the integrity and seriousness of your teaching.
— Titus 2:7 NLT



New Orleans born, 7th Generation Texan...Pieter Sypesteyn has roots that honor family, community, and loyalty. San Antonio has been good to him and he wants to make sure that he shows love to the community that has helped take care of his family. He is passionate about taking care of those in need and hopes his example to give back to the neighbors that support his restaurants, will inspire other business owners to follow suit. Sypesteyn loves to spend quality time with his wife, hiking, and has four children.


California native, Susan Sypesteyn comes from a family that believes all have worth. Unsure how the economy in LA was going to sustain her and her husband, their move to San Antonio has proved to be a major blessing in their lives. Texas has taken her in as one of their own and you can even hear a drawl when she speaks from time to time. She wouldn't be where she is without God and the community that took her in as family. She believes that as a business owner, she is equally responsible for ensuring the success of her neighbors and the community that surrounds her businesses. She is hopeful that by creating opportunities for residents to engage with business owners, the neighborhoods will become a more cohesive unit. Sypesteyn loves to spend time singing with her husband and four kids.